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November 12, 2017

Thank Your Employees

Thanksgiving is one week away. Now is the time to thank your team. Here are some tips to make this easier and more effective.Great job

  • Host a get-together for the entire team. If your team is small, you could cater in lunch, hold a pizza or dessert party, or even take them out to lunch. If you have a large team, consider a potluck, but provide dessert or the entrée.
  • Give each person extra time off. Close the office early to thank your staff and give them time to prepare for the holiday. If you can’t completely shut down operations, stagger time off so everyone benefits.
  • Take time to meet with every team member in person, if possible. Just a quick greeting and thank you will boost morale! If you can’t meet in person, consider sending personalized, handwritten notes to everyone with a message of your appreciation for their efforts in the past year. As a last resort, use a general thank-you email, but know that it doesn’t have the same impact as a personalized message would.
  • Present team members with certificates of appreciation, especially those who have delivered extraordinary results during the year.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to show your team they matter to you as individuals. The stronger your personal relationship with your team, the stronger your leadership ability!

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