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December 2, 2017

Don’t Let Holiday Parties Derail Your Career

You probably will be attending many holiday parties hosted by clients and colleagues. These events are wonderful opportunities to get to know people outside of business, but even though the focus may not be on business, your professionalism is on display. Don’t let the temptation to relax and have fun lead to missteps that can reflect badly on you. The event is business related, so stay on your best behavior. Here are some tips to help you.shutterstock_230996554

  • Review your company’s policies and adhere to them.
  • Before taking photos, make sure you have people’s permission. It can be annoying to have someone whip out a phone and start shooting.
  • Be careful what you post on social media since you might embarrass someone—or yourself!—or violate your company’s policies or that of your customers.
  • If alcohol is served, limit your intake and make sure you eat while you drink. At customer events, you might want to avoid alcohol and stick to soda or sparkling water.
  • Make a point to get to know someone new or someone you only know by phone. The holiday party is a good time to reconnect with those you haven’t seen or spoken with in a while.
  • Avoid talking shop and focus on getting to know people better as individuals.

Holiday parties can be valuable opportunities to deepen relationships with clients and colleagues. While it’s fine to be relaxed and have fun, keep things in moderation and always act with courtesy and professionalism.

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