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February 10, 2018

Build Effective Relationships at Work

Managers often become so focused on getting daily work accomplished that they lose sight of the people skills part of the job of leadership. Here are some tips to help build more effective relationships at work.

  • Think first, then act. Exercise consideration and thoughtfulness when speaking or acting and understand the effect of what you are going to do before you do it. You are less likely to offend others and are more likely to improve your professional image.
  • Listen, then speak. This is difficult for many of us! Attention wanders no matter how hard we try to stay focused on a speaker. Don’t multitask when listening and respond to the speaker in ways that show you are paying attention. For example, repeat key words and phrases the speaker used and ask questions that show you heard them.
  • Be positive, not negative. Research from Harvard University suggests that a positive attitude is a critical factor in how productive and happy your team is. The more positive you are, the more others want to work for and with you. One easy way of demonstrating a positive attitude is to notice the little things that people do, show gratitude for them, and give praise for a job well done.
  • Relate to people one-on-one. Know everyone on your team and treat them as individuals, but go beyond your department. Network within your company to build relationships that will nurture your career and make the workplace more interesting. Be willing to share information and offer help if you see someone struggling.

Building effective workplace relationships enhances your leadership and professionalism and creates a work environment that is more enriching and productive.

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