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February 25, 2018

Your Team Needs a Customer-First Mindset

You know that customer loyalty is a major factor in realizing long-term business profitability and growth. It’s less expensive to sell to an existing customer than to land a new one. Plus, loyal customers refer your business to others who can become more loyal customers.

Building and cultivating customer loyalty can be challenging, but it is made easier when your team has a customer-first mindset. Here are some tools to help you and your team.

  • Focus on the customer. This seems straight-forward, but it can be difficult in execution. When you focus on the customer—either on the phone, in person, or via e-mail—you must step into that customer’s space and leave your biases, opinions, and judgments behind. For the time you are interacting with the customer, you are totally with them and are giving them your full attention. Nothing else matters except for delivering excellent customer care and cementing a positive relationship with them.
  • View customer interactions as opportunities. Customer loyalty is built up over time and comes from consistent, excellent service. Every time a customer contacts an employee, that employee has a chance to build a new, positive relationship or foster an existing one. Give your employees the authority to offer solutions without having to get approval, teach them to communicate in a friendly, conversational, professional manner, and avoid canned responses.
  • Cultivate a win-win mindset. When a customer contacts you with a problem, immediately focus on possible win-win resolutions. This doesn’t mean that you always give the customer what they want; sometimes you can’t. Show empathy and use good questioning techniques to reveal alternatives that might satisfy the customer. Reach for a positive outcome!

Help your team develop a customer-first mindset with my program Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience.

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