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March 11, 2018

Customer Loyalty Matters

Creating long-term business success and growth is a challenge for all managers and is especially important for those in sales or customer service functions. The key to success lies with retaining existing customers and cultivating those relationships to get referrals for new business. Here are some tips to help your team keep existing customers happy, so they willingly recommend your products and services to others.

  • Ensure consistent, quality service. All customers must receive the same level of care and consideration to avoid the appearance of favoritism. Establish quality standards, create customer care codes of conduct, and make customer service delivery a key component of performance plans.
  • Give your team members authority to handle customer concerns. Wherever possible, let customer-facing employees make decisions about how to handle complaints and concerns. Give them the authority to grant exceptions, give compensation, or offer alternatives to unhappy customers. Your service is only as good as the most recent customer interaction.
  • Provide continuous training. Customer service standards are evolving, especially with social media. Now, a single bad customer experience can be shared instantly to tens of thousands. Keep your team sharp with ongoing training that enhances their skills and ability to handle difficult situations.

Encourage your staff to look for ways to make every customer interaction an opportunity to reinforce and deepen the relationship and show respect for your customers. Need more customer service tools? Check out my workshop Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience.

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