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March 31, 2018

Get Moving to Be More Positively Productive

If you exercise regularly, you know that the energy boost you get from exertion can carry over for hours after your workout. Exercise doesn’t just give you physical energy; it also helps build mental muscle and reduce stress. The chemical mix from exercise increases learning, memory, decision-making, and problem-solving ability, all of which improves productivity.

  • Take short movement breaks. Every 60 or 90 minutes, get up and move. Jog in place, walk to the breakroom, take a quick walk around the block. Do something that gets your blood flowing and increases your breathing. When you return to your desk, you will be refreshed and able to be more positively productive.
  • Take the stairs. When you choose the stairs over the elevator or escalator, you give your leg muscles a workout and burn plenty of calories. You achieve the energetic benefits of a longer, more moderate workout in a shorter amount of time. Stair climbing needs no special equipment and can be performed by most people.
  • Walk more. Park farther from the entrance, get off the bus or train one stop before or after your regular one. You might have to add extra time to your schedule, but the benefits of walking will more than make up for it since you will arrive at work energized and ready to jump in.

Don’t dive in with a whole routine of daily movement. Start slowly. Take one flight of stairs during the day. Add a minute or two to your short movement breaks. Your goal is to add more movement to your day, so pay attention to your body and note how much more positively productive you will become.

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