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April 15, 2018

Flexibility at Work

Most people associate flexibility at work with work hours; however, flexibility also applies to your attitude about what happens and the choices you have about responding.

The opposite of flexibility is rigidity. Rigid people are said to have a fixed mindset. They see few options, are reluctant to make changes, and find most effort futile. As you can imagine, this rigid mindset closes them off to many opportunities. On the other hand, when you are flexible, you have a growth mindset, which helps you adapt to change and more easily meet challenges. This is the path to success at work and in life.

In today’s workplace, change is the norm. Everyone is working faster, and most people have more responsibility now than ever before. Your ability to adapt is one of the most important managerial and leadership skills you can develop in both yourself and your employees. Here are some tips:

  • When faced with a challenge, find a way to turn it into an opportunity to gain experience. Instead of groaning and fretting about whether you can meet it or not, set an intention to find a way! Ask an expert for advice, do online research, reach out to your network, find a mentor.
  • Take more calculated risks to help you stretch and grow. Consider the downside of not acting versus what you gain by acting. Trust your expertise and instincts and reach for greater achievements.
  • Form win-win relationships with others for mutual help and support. Accept that everyone has a unique style for working, learning, and communicating. Become comfortable with a variety of personalities and learn how to listen and communicate with attention and respect.

Notice areas where you are rigid and discover what is holding you back. Cultivate a habit of flexibility to enhance your professionalism and demonstrate your leadership skills. See my blog post Build Your Mental Musclefor more information.

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