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April 22, 2018

Stop Procrastinating and Be More Positively Productive

You know what you must do, deadlines are looming, but you can’t get started. Instead, you work on less important tasks. We all suffer from procrastination sometimes, but if you are a chronic procrastinator, you’re ruining your productivity, and your professionalism will suffer. Here are five quick tips to get going when you just want to sit back and do nothing!

  1. Start anywhere. No rule says that you must start at the beginning, and unless it’s a matter of safety, you don’t have to do the task in any special order! The key is to just start.
  2. Take one small step.Identify the smallest step you are willing to take and take it. Then do it again and again, focusing just on the next smallest step. Large tasks are easier to get into when you break them down to just one step.
  3. Make an appointment with yourself. Go to your calendar and set a specific time to work on the task. Put it down just as if it was an appointment or important meeting. Set an alarm for fifteen minutes before the appointed time to gather any materials you need, and when the time arrives, get to work.
  4. Play to your peak hours.If you are a morning person, schedule critical tasks in the morning; if you are a night person, schedule then for the afternoon. These times are your most productive.
  5. Don’t stop.Just starting can produce momentum, so keep going. Even if the time you have allotted to the task arrives, keep going and take just one more step, and then one more until you reach the end.

Don’t let procrastination drain your productivity! When you find yourself dragging your heels, take one small step and see where it takes you. For more information see my blog post Get Into the Now Habit.

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