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April 29, 2018

When a Key Employee Leaves

As you know, an important part of leadership is developing employees, so they can advance in their careers. The downside, they are promoted into a new position, and you lose them.

When an employee begins to grow and take on more responsibility, start planning for a time when they will be promoted into a new job or even leave the company. If you want to keep the employee on your team, look at your own department and decide if the existing structure provides opportunities for this employee to advance. If not, can you make changes that will allow for promotion or higher compensation? If this isn’t possible, the day may come when the employee will leave.

Succession planning is a key responsibility for all managers. You don’t want a key employee walking out the door without having a replacement in the wings. To be effective, you must constantly develop employees, so they can fill different roles in your department. This means implementing a robust cross-training initiative. Don’t limit yourself to your department. Network with other managers to see where you can cross-train across units to develop more well-rounded employees and give them opportunities to grow their skills and learn new ones. See my blog post The Value of Cross-Trainingfor more information

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