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May 28, 2018

Yes? No? Maybe?

Decision-making is a key skill that most employers and managers value in their staff. Some people, however, have a hard time deciding—they’re afraid to make a mistake or don’t feel confident enough to commit. If an employee has a hard time with decision-making, here are some tips to help them take the leap.

  • Fear of making decisions can be a sign of a closed or fixed mindset. Someone with a fixed mindset feels limited and often believes that no matter what they do, things will not change. Decisions are futile since they don’t affect the outcome. Work on helping the employee move toward a more open mindset by providing time for them to explore alternatives and options and perform some research. This begins to open them up to more flexible thinking.
  • Show the employee how to weigh the alternatives objectively and evaluate the risks associated with each. Often people imagine that the worst possible outcome is the only outcome when the odds of a worst-case happening are usually low. Instead of focusing solely on the negative, have the employee compile a list of positives about each option to weigh against the negatives.
  • Have the employee narrow the options to just one by evaluating objectively the information from the previous steps. It can help to have them also choose a second option as a Plan B.

Leadership requires you to develop your employees and cultivate their professional skills, so create an environment where employees feel safe taking risks and view mistakes as learning opportunities. Check out my Lead4Results program for more information.

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