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June 10, 2018

Build Rapport with Customers

Building rapport with customers is a good way to establish trust and loyalty. Rapport means that you cultivate a close, harmonious relationship with every customer, so they feel welcome and cared for when they interact with your business. Here are some steps to help your employees build and maintain rapport.

Teach your employees to:

  • Show empathy for the customer by having them imagine themselves in the customer’s position. How would they want to be treated? What would they want to hear? Have employees treat each customer as they would a close friend.
  • Stay completely focused on the customer, use listening skills, and ask questions that get at the heart of the customer’s needs. See my blog post Ask the Right Question for more information.
  • Give the customer time and let them talk without interruption, especially if they are upset or angry. Keep in mind that an upset customer is frustrated because they cannot see a solution to their situation, and it is up to the employee to provide the solution!

Some people establish rapport easily and naturally; others must learn how to do this. See my program Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience to improve the skills of your employees.

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