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June 15, 2018

Five Tips for Building an Inclusive Team

Having team members who work well together and who support each other makes your entire organization positively productive. However, there may be times when team members don’t get along. While you can’t make people like each other, you can create a work environment where differences are accepted, and people are always treated with respect.

  1. Help employees understand that people have different work styles and preferences and that being different isn’t wrong. Departmental goals and work can be achieved in more than one way.
  2. Make it clear that everyone has the right to complete their work as they see fit without judgement or criticism if they deliver results.
  3. Use meetings as opportunities to help your team members better understand each other and work more effectively together.
  4. Immediately address any episodes of bullying, backbiting, gossiping, or any other form of disrespect.
  5. Publish a code of conduct that outlines what behavior is appropriate and expected in the workplace and create it with input from your entire team to ensure buy-in.

If you need help creating a more cohesive team, look at my program Bridging the Generation Gap at Work.

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