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July 1, 2018

Three Keys to Employee Retention

No manager wants to see a good employee walking out the door for a different job—even if it’s in the same company. Good employees contribute a lot to your department and team. They are positively productive, show initiative, are effective team players, and often demonstrate the leadership skills you need for future growth. Losing them can be a blow. Here are three keys for keeping your good employees happy and onboard.

  1. Show interest in them. Employees often leave a job they like because they don’t have a good relationship with their manager. You don’t have to become friends with everyone who works for you, but it’s good business to take time to get to know your team members and show a real interest in them as individuals apart from the work they do.
  2. Keep them engaged. Make sure they understand how their efforts contribute to the larger success of the organization. Routine tasks can bore even the best employee, so find ways to make work enjoyable. Use delegation to provide opportunities for developing new skills, meet new challenges, and show that you trust them to deliver results. See my blog post Delegation Works for more information.
  3. Provide career development. Good employees often have career aspirations that you can use to keep them satisfied on the job. When doing performance planning, discuss their career goals, research and offer company-sponsored training that supports their goals, and consider coaching or mentoring to show commitment to their success. See my blog post Coach for Results.

As a manager, you can do a lot to create an environment where good employees are motivated to stay and continue to be a positively productive member of your team. See my blog post Being a Nice Manager Makes Sense for more information.

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