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August 2, 2018

Boost Employee Engagement for Greater Productivity

How’s the morale in your office?

Morale refers to the mood of your workplace. Is it upbeat and enthusiastic or glum and dreary? One contributes to positive productivity; one doesn’t.

The key to high morale is high employee engagement. Employees who feel engaged in their work know that their work is important, and that fosters engagement.

  • Create a sense of ownership by encouraging employees to find better ways of doing their jobs. Make it safe for them to suggest improvements or present their ideas without fear of criticism or rebuke.
  • Evaluate each employee’s strengths and focus on assigning worthwhile tasks that let them showcase their abilities.
  • Recognize and reward individual accomplishments and contributions to the overall success of the team.
  • Offer employee development opportunities. One of the top reasons employees give when they leave a company is lack of development opportunities.
  • Reward key employees by sending them to conferences or conventions where they are exposed to new people and ideas. This is a powerful tool for boosting engagement, morale, and retention.
  • Consider bringing in a professional trainer for onsite workshops that improve soft skills, such as communication, leadership, influence, productivity, and so on.

When morale and engagement are high, productivity improves. Statistics from the Hay Group show that employees who are engaged are 43% more productive than those who aren’t engaged. But there’s more! Teamwork is stronger, overall performance is enhanced, and employee retention improves.

As a manager, you must stay aware of the mood in the office and jump into action if you notice morale slipping. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to turn things around. See my blog post Three Keys to Employee Retention.

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