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August 19, 2018

Build Unstoppable Teams

With five generations in the workplace, it’s more important than at any previous time to build strong, cohesive teams. While teambuilding requires many skills—communications, collaboration, coaching, mentoring, goal setting, motivation—its main requirement is leadership! Your team looks to you for guidance, and one of your roles is to build the confidence and capabilities of your team. Here are some tools to help you.

  • Leverage strengths. Every team member brings a different set of strengths, skills, and expertise to the job. As their leader, you must understand the contributions each person is capable of and use that knowledge to the advantage of the entire team. Let employees mentor each other and transfer their skills to other team members. This alone will build a stronger team. See my blog post The Value of Cross-training.
  • Strengthen areas that need improvement. Identify areas where your team needs improvement. For example, are communication or time management skills excellent or are some team members falling short of your expectations.? Act to plug this productivity drain; your team is only as strong as its weakest member!
  • Handle conflicts and behaviors that disrupt the team. Good leaders know when to let a conflict resolve itself and when they need to step in. Using your authority to resolve conflict is not a good, long-term solution. Ideally, you want to have a conversation with everyone involved to discover the underlying cause and determine the best way to handle it. Require people to be objective and refrain from making personal or derogatory comments. Focus them on behaviors, explain how the conflict is harming the team’s ability to be positively productive, and state the need to resolve the situation. See my blog post Where Does Conflict Come From?

A strong leader helps their team focus on raising the bar and grooms them to achieve more than they think is possible. See my workshop Leading Multi-generation Teams for more information


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