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September 3, 2018

Improve Team Dynamics

Team dynamics play a large role in how positively productive and successful your team is. Many factors affect team dynamics, including the nature of the work being performed, the personalities and workstyles of each team member, and their interpersonal relationships. Successful team dynamics depend on:

  • Mutual respect.Team members put aside their personal preferences and biases and work together toward a common goal. They accept workstyle differences without criticism, handle disagreements professionally, and resolve conflicts quickly. Make sure everyone on your team understands the goals that the entire team is striving to reach and their part in accomplishing them.
  • A primary goal of collaboration is to generate and implement new ideas. For the collaboration to work, each team member must feel comfortable and safe to share his or her ideas. During team meetings, create an open atmosphere by accepting all ideas using a brainstorming or mind-mapping process and then discussing each idea objectively until you find the best.
  • Value contributions and recognize people with rewards customized for each person. Acknowledge team accomplishments in ways that applaud achievement and reflect the value of the overall contribution to departmental success. Celebrating milestones and achievements can be a great way to encourage teamwork that will pay off in the long run.

Understand and monitor team dynamics to ensure you meet your departmental goals and cultivate a positively productive workplace. See my blog post Build Unstoppable Teams for more information.

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