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September 9, 2018

Use Job Shadowing to Develop Key Employees

Job shadowing is a popular workforce development tool that can prepare employees for advancement. It allows someone to observe another employee on the job and experience first-hand what the job requires.

  1. Identify which of your employees would benefit from job shadowing. Generally, these employees are on a management or leadership development track.
  2. Identify a role within the organization that would expose the employee to a skill they need and would find valuable.
  3. Contact the person to be shadowed to find out if they agree and to set up guidelines.
  4. Meet with your employee to discuss this opportunity, gain their ownership of the process, and clarify expectations for the assignment.
  5. Release the employee to the job shadowing assignment.
  6. After the assignment, debrief with the employee to review expectations and personally thank the person who agreed to be shadowed.

Job shadowing facilitates true hands-on learning and gives your employees the opportunity to “test drive” a job they may be interested in. Contact me for information about my newest program Developing 21stCentury Leaders to see how you can cultivate the youngest members of your team for advancement.

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