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October 9, 2018

Are You Too Busy to Get Things Done?

Busyness and productivity are not the same thing. Often when we are “busy,” we’re running around, multi-tasking, juggling a dozen things, and accomplishing very little. We’re exhausted from the effort and have little to show for it. That’s busyness. Productivity means we are focusing on results and using our time prudently to achieve them.

The Pareto Principle tells us that 80% of the results you need to achieve will come from just 20% of your effort. (See my blog post The Pareto Principle Makes You More Positively Productive for more information.) When you are busy and spinning your wheels, you are working on the 80% that produces the least important results.

  • You need to stop and identify the 20% of tasks that delivers the biggest punch for your time. (See my blog post Priorities Matter for more information on how to do this.)
  • Plan your time to focus on this 20% by asking and answering one question: What action right now will contribute most to the 20%?
  • Then, take that action or schedule time on your calendar to do it.

Your career can’t be successful if you are always in a state of busyness. You need to cultivate focus and take small, consistent steps to achieve the results you need. See my GO System program for more information.

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