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October 26, 2018

Stress Management Tips for an Easy Holiday Season

The holiday season starts this week and added stress on and off the job comes with it. The need to juggle additional work and family demands and responsibilities can lead to a wild mix of emotions, such as loneliness, frustration, depression, sadness, and anger. This, in turn, can lead to higher-than-usual levels of stress, which make the entire season something to dread rather than enjoy. Here are three steps to take now to prepare for the holidays.

  1. Know your limits. Not everything has to be done or done by you. Be honest about how much you can do yourself and just say no to activities you either don’t want to do or don’t have the bandwidth to do. Focus on what you can reasonably accomplish without beating yourself up and delegate or delete anything you don’t have to do.
  2. Plan. Evaluate your work and personal priorities for the holiday season and focus on what’s most important, especially critical tasks and deadlines that must be met. Prepare for employee time-off and consider cross-training now to ensure adequate coverage. Make sure your own job has coverage, so identify what can be delegated in your absence.
  3. Do everything in moderation. Limit the parties and your intake of rich food and drink, especially at business-related functions. Just as you do with time, decide where you want to spend your calories and energy. Stick to your exercise routine and remember to meditate to relieve any stress you feel.

The holiday season is the time to deepen your personal and professional relationships, so don’t invite stress to the party.

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