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November 4, 2018

Coaching for Results

Coaching for performance improvement works. You can see it on the playing field, in the dojo, and in the classroom, so why not use a coaching model in the workplace? Rather than focusing on what the employee is doing incorrectly, coaching focuses on behaviors that the employee can take to improve. Here are some tips to make coaching work for your team.

  • Make it a mutual process. Encourage the employee to share ideas about how they can improve, letting them choose the method that works for their learning style. For example, some employees like to watch someone else do the task and then do it themselves while they are being observed. Others prefer to read materials about the task.
  • Include opportunities for growth. Identify areas where the employee is doing okay, but they could achieve more. Tie improvement to career growth and advancement and build in rewards for achievement above and beyond the job requirements.
  • Allow for creativity and innovation. Let employees come up with new solutions to problems and challenges. Younger employees are eager to find ways of using technology on the job to make processes faster and easier. Be open to their suggestions and show a willingness to act on them where feasible.

Coaching employees for performance improvement empowers your team and gives them a say in how work is done. It shows that you trust them, value what they have to offer, and are willing to develop their skills for career growth. For more information, see my blog post Coaching Employees to Performance Excellence.

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