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December 13, 2018

Brush Up Your Leadership Skills in 2019

Improving leadership skills should be an ongoing activity since by devoting time to enhance your skills, you improve your career potential. Remember to develop the leadership skills of your staff, too. As we move into 2019, consider starting a book club where every team member reads and discusses a book or listens to an audio, YouTube video, or podcast series. Consider offering or taking a training program that improves key leadership skills for both you and your staff.

Here are some key skills to focus on in the coming year.

  • Emotional intelligence. Leadership isn’t commanding others; it’s inspiring them to achieve more than they thought possible. Emotional intelligence helps you create a supportive, encouraging environment so that others are eager to follow and emulate you.
  • Listening and assertiveness are key skills that serve you in all aspects of your life, but they are especially important for effective leadership. See my blog post Reduce Barriers to Listening.
  • Decision making. People look to leaders when hard decisions need to be made. Honing this skill enables you to be a more effective risk taker, to look for and apply creative solutions, and to lead your organization in the right direction.
  • Team building. Teams are the lifeblood of the organization, producing the results needed for success. The ability to form, manage, and motivate teams can help you get the results you need. (Look for my newest program “Building High-Performance Teams” in 2019!)
  • Like it or hate it, networking is a major factor in long-term career success. Whom you know—and who knows you—can expand your pool of resources for finding answers to questions, gaining advice from peers and other experts, and discovering advancement opportunities. See my blog post Networking Made Easy.

Developing leadership skills is a year-round activity, and I can help you with several programs that focus on different aspects of leadership. See them all at

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