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January 4, 2019

Help Your Employees SOAR in 2019!

Part 1 of 4

With this post, I am kicking off a four-part series on Creating Accountability, which I believe is the cornerstone of all successful teams. Now is the time to create the systems and processes you need to help your employees and your organization succeed in the New Year. I want to start with using feedback to help your employees SOAR.

When employees clearly understand your expectations for quality, deliverables, deadlines, performance standards, and measures, you can help them:

  • Be more productive.
  • Meet organizational goals more easily.
  • Develop new strengths and enhance existing ones.
  • Increase their self-confidence and competence.
  • Demonstrate that you value them and their contributions.
  • Motivate them to strive for greater performance.
  • Correct behavior that is inappropriate or inconsistent with your expectations.

Here’s how SOAR works:

  1. S = State the specific behavior you are going to address. Be objective and factual, and avoid turning your interpretations into facts.
  2. O = Outline what you are feeling about the situation, the behavior, or its impactand help the employee understand the effect of the behavior.
  3. A = Address the new, replacement behavior you want and your expectations for change. Focus on the preferred action and be clear and specific about your expectations so there are no misunderstandings.
  4. R = Reaffirm understanding and end on a positive note. Make sure the employee understands what is expected by asking for affirmation. If there is any hesitation on the employee’s part, restate your expectations for the new behavior.

Start the year off by helping your employees SOAR. The SOAR Formula can help you give the right kind of feedback in the right way to produce the right result—the new behavior you are looking for.

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools for building a motivated, productive staff. When employees understand what you expect, when you send clear messages about how well they are performing, and when they see that you are invested in helping them improve, you gain their respect and trust. When you use this Formula for improvement, your team will SOAR in the New Year!

Check out our leadership course, Lead4Results, for more information!

Come back next week for Part 2 of my Creating Accountability series and discover tools to motivate employees!

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