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May 3, 2019

Tips for Cleaning the Desk Before Vacation

Vacation time is just around the corner and now is the time to start getting ready to take off. Here are a few tips for clearing your desk and preparing for time off, so you can enjoy your vacation and relax without any stress or worries about the job.

  • Consider the Length of Your Absence. Before you plan to leave, consider how long you will be gone and what deliverables are due right before you leave, while you are gone, and right after you return. This is the key to successful delegation and for keeping your work in order while you are away.
  • Delegate Tasks. Delegating tasks is necessary any time you plan to go on vacation. This ensures that you take care of any work generally done by you. Delegation helps you put your mind at ease, knowing critical activities will be accomplished in your absence. Decide which tasks should be delegated and to whom, and prepare them for the task well before you leave. See my blog post Delegate for Results for more information.
  • Clear the Clutter. Clear any clutter and documents from your desk to ensure paperwork is not mishandled or lost while you are on vacation. Cleaning your desk thoroughly will also help you get a handle on tasks that need to be completed before you leave. Remember to turn on out-of-office notifications and let people know whom to go to in your absence! You can find more tips in my blog A Simple Approach to Eliminating Clutter.

A little preparation means a carefree vacation!


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