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June 17, 2019

Stand Out at Work

If you’re like most managers, part of your job is to develop your team and help them succeed. You also need to help yourself succeed by standing out from the crowd and establishing your reputation as a leader.

  • When you arrive at work in the morning, do something important. Don’t start by answering e-mail or hunkering down with a cup of coffee. Check in with your team and spread around some praise and encouragement. Drop into your manager’s office and share an accomplishment from the day before.
  • Establish a reputation for excellence in one critical area of your business. Don’t become known as the go-to person when the copier jams or the computers freeze. Be known as a champion facilitator, negotiator, peacemaker, conflict resolver, sales person, and so on.
  • Take on projects and activities that showcase your strengths.
  • Offer to mentor new team members to help them get up to speed or teach a lunch-and-learn to share your expertise.
  • Show initiative and come up with ways of streamlining processes and procedures to make them more efficient.
  • Volunteer to serve on teams and committees that let you connect with others in the organization outside your department. Become known in a larger playing field.
  • Speak up at meetings to demonstrate your interest and expertise.Leaders know how to make a point and stand out.

Actively look for ways to improve how things are done and how the organization can be more profitable and positively productive. Show up as someone who sees the big picture and wants to help the company succeed.

See my blog post How to Talk About Accomplishments Without Bragging.


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