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June 28, 2019

What Training Does Your Team Need?

“What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them!”Zig Ziglar

Providing training opportunities for your staff is a key tool for doing more than keeping your team positively productive. According to human resource experts, training improves retention because it increases employee satisfaction and motivation.  Your top performers value the opportunity to develop their skills and view training as a valued part of career development.

Despite the value of training, many managers are reluctant to send employees off to training programs because they have experienced mixed results. Here are some tips to ensure the training you offer gives you the results you need and is valued by your employees.

  • Make sure employees have the training they need to do their jobs. Review the job requirements for each position and put together a training plan that enhances the ability of the incumbent to do the job. In addition to technical training, include skills development in leadership, communication, time and task management, and other so-called “soft skills.”
  • Survey staff about what kind of training they want. It might surprise you to discover what they are interested in learning.
  • Offer a variety of delivery options, including traditional classroom training with a live facilitator, webinars, e-learning programs, on-the-job training, lunch-and-learns, and so on.
  • Measure training effectiveness by asking participants to complete an anonymous evaluation and re-evaluate later to assess how the training has or hasn’t delivered skills improvement on the job.

Make training an integral part of your management plan to make sure your staff stays motivated and positively productive.

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