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August 9, 2019

The Value of Cross-Training

Cross-training employees to fill in for absent staff is an important investment of time that can keep you positively productive when you most need it! Here are some tips for successful cross-training.

  • Review job descriptions and ask employees to add any additional responsibilities they routinely perform that are not part of the formal job description.
  • Determine where employees could cross-train with a minimum of effort and time.
  • Meet with each employee and explain the need for cross-training and get his or her buy-in.
  • Give employees time to learn from each other and gain confidence.
  • Provide appropriate recognition when the cross-training is completed.

Cross-training not only improves productivity and efficiency, it gives your employees the opportunity to enhance their job and career skills, provides a deeper understanding of the big picture of your department, and allows employees to make a greater contribution to the department’s success.

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