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September 12, 2019

How to Manage Lone Wolves

Teamwork is crucial to being positively productive. Despite your best efforts to build a solid team, you may have a lone wolf or two that never quite fits in—or wants to! There are two types of lone wolves. The first is uncomfortable working with others; the second has under-developed team capabilities.

One way to start bringing the lone wolves into the team is to study their overall achievements and performance. Assess individual approaches to duties and responsibilities and make assignments that play into the lone wolves’ strengths.

The lone wolf who is uncomfortable working with others often shines when given tasks and assignments that can be accomplished independently. Highlight their specific skills and experience as it relates to their work and make sure they understand how they contribute to the team and its goals.

The lone wolf who is doesn’t understand team dynamics and has undeveloped capabilities can be partnered with and mentored by a more senior team member. Once this lone wolf gains the necessary social and teamwork skills, they can become a solid team player

Lone wolves need to understand that the success of the business rests upon having a strong, reliable, dependable team that maintains high standards of productivity and effectiveness. Also see my blog post Tips for Better Collaboration among Team Members.

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