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October 24, 2019

Plan Now to Wow Your Customers This Holiday Season

I know, the upcoming holiday is Halloween, not a great time to honor customers; however, it is time to decide how you will say “Thank You” for Thanksgiving. While the December holidays are traditionally the time when businesses remember their customers, Thanksgiving may be a better choice. Your acknowledgement will stand out more and be a welcome surprise.

Depending on your business, here are some ideas:

  • Make an offer. Recognize your customers by making an exclusive, year-end, loyalty offer just for them. Review their past buying history and come up with a deal that fits their profile.
  • Showcase their business. Work with your PR or Marketing department and get the customer’s permission to highlight them in your company’s publications and on its social media channels.
  • Throw a party. Invite your top customers to a party or luncheon hosted by you and let them meet and mingle with other loyal customers. Make sure to include your employees who serve these customers.
  • Send a gift. While everyone gets gifts in December, sending something around Thanksgiving is a welcome change. Choose a gift that lends itself to the season, such as a gift basket that can be shared at the Thanksgiving celebration.

Keep in mind that many organizations have strict guidelines on gifts and invitations, so keep the recognition affordable and reasonable.

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