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December 13, 2019

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Leadership is all about having a can-do attitude. Good leaders are high achievers that look for opportunities to succeed while also inspiring others to succeed. Here are five tips for cultivating leadership in 2020.

  1. Take calculated risks.Leaders must be good at assessing the risks and rewards of opportunities. Weigh the options, analyze worst-case scenarios, identify mitigation strategies, and understand the consequences of a decision. Once the pros and cons are vetted, act decisively and confidently.
  2. Develop high emotional intelligence. This means you need to cultivate empathy for others, understand your own strengths and weaknesses, be aware of how others respond to you, and know how to act appropriately in challenging situations. Leadership isn’t being in command of others; it’s being in command of yourself so that others want to follow you and emulate you.
  3. Build a network you can rely on. Leaders are connected; they create networks both within and outside their organizations. Having a network gives you a pool of people you can call on for advice, information, and consultation. See my blog post Networking for Results for more tips.
  4. Be a perpetual learner. Leaders know they will never know it all, so they keep learning and growing. Take more classes, read and listen to more books, talk to people who are experts in areas you want to develop.
  5. Don’t turn mistakes into failures. Leaders have a realistic view of situations and realize that mistakes aren’t failures; they are valuable feedback! If you get off track or make a mistake, take action to rectify the situation, but don’t stop there. Analyze what went wrong and what you can learn. As baseball great Babe Ruth once said, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

Set an intention for 2020 to enhance your leadership skills by focusing on these five areas. Much success to you!

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