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February 21, 2020

Boost Your Productivity with Exercise

You know that exercise is important for your physical health, and it also can keep you mentally sharp. Did you know that exercise can make you more positively productive?

Exercise pumps blood to your brain, which improves brain function and cell growth. The chemical mix from exercise increases learning, memory, decision-making and problem-solving ability, all of which improve productivity. According to a study in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, there is a 20% improvement after intense exercise.

Do you have to hit the treadmill and sweat up a storm? Well, you do have to break a sweat, but you can do it with a bike ride, brisk walk, housecleaning, mowing the lawn—any activity that raises your heartbeat. Of course, you have to make sure you can exercise like this by first checking with your health care provider.

See my blog post Simple Tools for Greater Productivity for more tips.





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