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May 15, 2020

Network within Your Own Organization

Many business people are active networkers in industry and business organizations, but they never think about networking within their own company. Informal networking is establishing mutually beneficial relationships with coworkers. This gives you access to experts in other areas of the organization, provides opportunities for finding mentors, and opens opportunities for advancement. Here’s how to form and cultivate an informal network.

  • Identify people who do your job in other areas and get to know them. Share best practices and help each other solve problems and meet challenges. Your peers can be valuable resources.
  • Reach out to those who are in positions you are interested in and ask for an informational interview. Exploring other jobs helps you with career planning and shows that you are interested in staying with your company for the long term.
  • Look for people who can mentor you. See my blog post Do You Need a Coach or a Mentor? for more information.
  • Establish mutually beneficial relationships with your connections. Make yourself available when they need help and offer assistance whenever you can. 
  • Meet frequently for coffee or a meal and get to know them as people and colleagues. Remember significant details about them by adding notes to their profiles in your contacts record. 

Networking within your organization raises your visibility so that people get to know you and your expertise. The more people who know you and what you can do, the more they will think of you when a job opening occurs.

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