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August 27, 2020

10 Tips To Be More Positively Productive with E-mail

Experts estimate that employees receive about 125 e-mails daily although I think most of us would say that number is low! Regardless of how many you get each day, we all spend too much time reading, responding to, and managing e-mail. Here are 10 tips to make it easier.

  1. Sort incoming e-mails by sender and date. Start with the senders whom you know will not waste your time and with the most recent e-mails.
  2. Use “Reply All” only when everyone really needs to see it. Choose who should see it and delete the rest.
  1. Proofread before hitting send! 
  2. Use a meaningful signature that includes contact information, but avoid quotations from poets, playwrights, or religious tracts since they are not considered professional and may even be offensive.
  3. Upload attachments before you write the body of the e-mail since it is too easy to forget them. Double check before sending that it is the correct attachment or version of a document.
  4. Make sure the e-mail is address to the right person. If you have three people whose names are Christian, Christopher, and Christine, make sure you choose the right Chris to address.
  5. Use a greeting. In an informal e-mail, use “Hi,” “Hello,” or “Dear [the person’s first name]”. In a formal greeting, it should be, “Dear [the person’s title and last name]”. 
  6. Don’t write when you are angry since your e-mail will sound angry. It will probably offend the person being addressed and could lead to a flaming match between you.
  7. Never leave a blank subject line unless you never want a response. Use a subject line that helps the recipient understand what the e-mail is about.
  8. Forget using “Urgent” in the subject line or body. No one pays attention to that. If it’s truly urgent, get on the phone.

These 10 tips can help you better manage e-mail. For more information, check out our program, Writing and Managing E-mail

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