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August 20, 2020

Avoid These Leadership Mistakes

Being a leader is not easy; you are always in the spotlight and are expected to wear the leadership mantle. It can weigh heavy sometimes, and it is easy to slip up. However, too many leadership mistakes can damage your credibility and reputation and ultimately derail your career. Here are three dangerous leadership mistakes to avoid. 

Failing to be accountable. As the leader, the buck really does stop with you. You must hold your staff accountable for their actions; however, your manager, colleagues, and employees hold you accountable also. The mistakes and failures of your team reflect on you, and it is a huge mistake to think otherwise or to finger point when something goes wrong. Instead, accept your accountability and take actions to fix mistakes and ensure they never happen again.

Failing to share the big picture. Many leaders are also managers, responsible for day-to-day work. They can become shortsighted by focusing only on getting the job done. However, as the leader, it’s up to you to ensure your team understands that their efforts matter and make a difference. Take time to praise a job well done and devote time at staff meetings to discuss the big picture of the organization and their role in it.

Failing to motivate each employee. Get to know your team members as individuals. You will discover that one size does not fit all when it comes to motivation. Generally, older employees want recognition in the form of money, promotions, and tangible rewards; younger employees want more freedom, flexibility, and high tech gadgets. Some people want public recognition; others prefer something more low key. Find out what each team member wants and personalize how you motivate and reward each. See my blog post Motivate Employees for Results for more information. 

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