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September 3, 2020

Watch Your Language!

How you communicate and the words you use tell people a lot about you. Your language reveals how confident and assertive you are—or aren’t! Power up your communication skills by avoiding these language traps.

  • Weasel words. “I’ll try.” “I’m not sure this will work.” Weasel words show lack of responsibility and accountability. Avoid the word try. It includes the possibility of failure and makes you sound weak and unsure of yourself. Passive voice also makes accountability unclear. Note the difference between “The check will be mailed tomorrow” and “I will mail the check tomorrow.”
  • Slang. “‘Sup? ““Wassup? ““Like?” “Whatever!” “Duh!” There is nothing wrong using slang with your friends, but it’s not appropriate for business communication. It’s too casual, and it will diminish people’s perception of you as a professional.
  • Whining. “Poor me.” “Nothing works for me.” “I just can’t get a break.” Do you like being around whiners? No one does. It diminishes your credibility, and you can lose the respect of others. 
  • Blaming. “It’s not my fault!” “Joe did it.” Blaming turns you into a five-year-old having a tantrum. Don’t do it. Be accountable and responsible.
  • Gossip. “Pssst! Wanna hear something juicy?” It can be tempting to share information with others, but gaining the reputation of a gossip is not good for your career. Don’t spread stories and don’t listen to them.

Language is powerful and your words can say more than what you mean. Speak carefully and thoughtfully. 

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