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October 1, 2020

Never Do This in the Morning

How you start the day has a lot to do with how positively productive you are throughout the day. Here are five morning habits to break.

  1. Hitting the snooze button over and over. It’s tempting to do this, especially when the days grow shorter and colder, but it is a bad start to the day. Often it leads to your having to rush around to get out the door on time, which makes you feel frazzled and stressed before you even arrive at the office.
  2. Skipping breakfast. Yes, you know it’s the most important meal of the day, but do you know why? It refuels your body when your energy is at its lowest—after a night with no nourishment. Without a good breakfast, you are running on empty! You need food to turn on your engine and keep it going. The key is eating the right food. 
  3. Filling up on fast food. Breakfast on the go is often laden with fat and sugar. Instead of hitting the drive-thru or donut shop, give yourself time for a nutritious meal that will rev your energy and keep it going without a sugar crash. 
  4. Choosing coffee over water. Yes, most of us need that cup of coffee in the morning, but while it’s brewing, take a big drink of fresh water. Water replenishes your dehydrated body and boosts your energy. You may decide you don’t need that coffee after all.
  5. Decide what to wear. Some of us can stand in front of a packed closet for an hour before making a decision about what to wear. Don’t wait until morning to figure it out. The night before set out what you want to wear, choose any accessories, and put everything you need to take to the office in your briefcase or tote. 

See my blog post An Easy Morning Starts the Night Before for more information. 

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