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December 4, 2020

Grow Your Team in 2021

One of your most important responsibilities as a manager and leader is the development of your team. When you provide career guidance, training programs, and opportunities for growth, you strengthen your team and improve their ability to be positively productive. As we move into a new year, invest some time and thought into where and how you can develop each team member. 

  • Identify each employee’s strongest and weakest skills. You want to enhance areas where they are proficient and strengthen areas where they need improvement. 
  • Research the training resources offered by your HR department and what options you can pursue on your own.
  • Create a list of recommendations for the employee’s development in 2021. Include classroom (if possible) or virtual training and e-training programs, books, audios, and other types of media for professional development. 
  • Meet with each employees either virtually or in person to discuss your recommendations, and get input from them. 
  • Put together a final development plan and meet with the employee one more time to motivate them and encourage them to take action on the plan. 
  • Periodically review the plan with the employee and make adjustments as necessary. 

Remember that delegation is one of the most powerful tools you have to develop your employees. Some managers avoid delegation because they think it takes too much time, and it’s faster if they do the task themselves. If you have avoided delegating tasks to your team, change how you think about it. The process is an investment of your time that will save time later.

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