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January 15, 2021

Clean Out Your In-box

With the start of a new year, it’s time to get rid of e-mail clutter—all those old, completed e-mails that are lingering in your in-box.  Here’s a quick system to clean out your in-box and start 2021 fresh.

Start by creating an e-mail folder labeled, “Pre-2021” and move all completed e-mails into this folder. Take a few minutes each day to go through these e-mails and file them into appropriately labeled folders or trash them. 

Now the only e-mails left in your in-box are those you haven’t completed. Sort them from recent to oldest and start with the most recent e-mails. Read them and do what is required then file them away or trash them. If you have to delegate the e-mail or an action to someone, do so. If you need more information or cannot complete the e-mail, take whatever action is required and then move the e-mail into a folder labeled, “Follow Up.” 

Pretty soon your in-box will be empty. You can use this same system for incoming e-mail, too. 

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