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January 28, 2021

Jumpstart Your Productivity

There are few worse feelings than sitting in front of your computer and drawing a blank about what to do and where to start. Sometimes this arises when you have a long list of tasks, deadlines, and stuff that needs to be handled. Other times, your creative juices just won’t flow. Then there are those huge projects that are so unwieldy, you don’t know where to start. When this happens, here are some tips to get you out of neutral and into drive.

  • Review your priorities. You can get so caught up in daily minutiae that you lose sight of the overarching goals that you and your team need to achieve. Take a step back and re-evaluate your top priorities to clear away the fog and stay focused on the most important tasks.
  • Start anywhere. Many large tasks do not require you to start at the beginning. Decide where you can make the most progress and jump in. The sheer act of starting will give you momentum so you can tackle the tough parts later.
  • Get a second opinion. Ask someone to help you figure out what comes first. When you are too close to a situation, when you are in overwhelm with what seems like too much to do, a second opinion can give you needed perspective.
  • Get and stay organized. Does your workspace contribute to productivity or detract from it? Stacks of paper on your desktop or dozens of open files on your computer can lead to confusion and stifle productivity. If this is the case, take some time to put things in order. 
  • Apply the Pareto Principle. I teach this in my GO System. The principle states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities. Identify the tasks in the 20% and focus on those first. See my blog post How to Use the Pareto Principle for Productivity at Work for more information about this powerful tool.

Are you stuck? Get unstuck and into action by employing one of these tools and become positively productive

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