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February 25, 2021

Get Along Better with Your Manager

The more you understand your manager and his/her likes and dislikes, the easier it is to work together. Your ability to develop an individual relationship with the person you work for is the key to being positively productive and valued.  Pay attention to your manager’s preferences in these areas:

  • How does your manager like to receive information?

If your manager prefers in-person conversations, set a regular, standing appointment to touch base. If they prefer email, set a rule or filter to have their e-mails go into a special folder that you check more frequently.  For information on rules and filters for e-mail, check out my Writing and Managing E-mail program. 

  • Does your manager like just the facts or the whole story? 

Some people want you to get to the point. They do not want to hear about your process, your challenges, or anything else they feel is a waste of time. Others want to know the gritty details. Do you know what your manager prefers? 

  • Is your manager a lark or an owl? 

Larks are early birds at their best in the morning. This is when they tackle important tasks that require concentration and focus. Night owls are just the opposite. They are best later in the morning and into the afternoon and evening. Take advantage of your manager’s most productive time by scheduling important activities and decisions during their peak hours. 

The more you know and understand your manager, the better your working relationship can become. Start now to pay close attention to their preferences and change your behavior and work habits to support them. Do you work for a “difficult” manager? Check out my blog post Handling Difficult Managers for more information.

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