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February 10, 2021

Improve Your Professionalism

Continuous learning is necessary for a successful career, to become a valued employee, and to enhance your professionalism. Here are four strategies to focus on this year.

  1. Enhance a skill you’re good at. Sometimes we get complacent about what we do well and don’t think about becoming even stronger in this skill. Like any muscle, your areas of strength need to be worked and improved to become even stronger. Choose one skill that you’re good at and set a goal to deepen this skill by taking a class, reading a book, or listening to an audio. 
  2. Strengthen an area of weakness. Where do you need improvement? Focus on an area that will do the most for your career. For example, many people are afraid to speak in public, but this skill is necessary if you aspire to advancement or to a leadership role. Join Toastmasters, take a class in public speaking, or hire a coach to help you.
  3. Network inside your company. Networking is invaluable for long-term success. Who you know and who knows you can open doors to opportunities that you may not otherwise discover. Each month, meet at least two new people in your organization and get together with someone you already know for lunch or coffee and reconnect with them. See my blog post Network within Your Own Organization for more information. 
  4. Join professional organizations. Join and become active in professional organizations to enhance your reputation and demonstrate your abilities outside your company. When you become known as an expert in your field, you burnish your reputation and open the door to opportunities for advancement.

Improving your skills is a career-long activity. Set an intention to continue to learn and grow in order to remain competitive and enrich what you have to offer your organization.

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