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February 18, 2021

Lead 4 Results

Some people are natural leaders; most of us need to learn how to lead. Here are some tips to help you be a stronger leader and get the results you need.

  • Walk your talk. If you want your team to deliver results and be positively productive, you need to set the right example. Do your best every day and hold yourself to a higher standard than everyone else.
  • Maintain a leadership attitude. Leaders don’t crumble when things hit the fan or when faced with a challenge. They step up and take charge, encouraging their team to stay focused on the goal, remain calm, and be positive. 
  • Share the glory. Show your appreciation for hard work by rewarding and recognizing the accomplishments of your team members. When you acknowledge their successes and give them credit when it is due, you gain their trust and loyalty.
  • Be accountable. Share the glory, but assume accountability for the actions of your team. Hold each person responsible for results and a level of performance, but the buck really stops with you as the leader. This takes courage and humility when things have gone wrong, but these are the characteristics of authentic leadership. For more information, see my blog post Are You an Accountable Leader?
  •  Listen and learn. Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you have all the answers. A good leader learns from others and is willing to discover new, better ways of doing things.  Encourage your team to make suggestions for improvement and act on the ones that will make a positive difference.

Leadership can be challenging, especially if you also are a manager and are  responsible for day-to-day productivity. These tips can help you improve your leadership ability easily and effectively. For more help, check out my Lead4Results.

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