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March 19, 2021

Avoid Delegation Mistakes

Delegation is a powerful tool to develop your employees and show that you trust them to deliver results. Despite the importance of delegation for productivity and employee development, many managers avoid it because they have experienced delegation failures in the past. Here are five common delegation mistakes to watch out for. 

  1. Failing to clarify required outcomes and expectations. Always take time to explain deliverables and measurements and answer all questions. 
  1. Choosing the wrong person. Delegation is great for helping employees learn new skills and tasks, but don’t set the employee up for failure by delegating an assignment that isn’t suited to their temperament. Delegating sales calls to an introverted person may not play into their strengths!
  2. Not setting check-in points. With a new assignment, establish check-ins or status reports to let you know how the employee is progressing and where you need to provide help or feedback.
  3. Micromanaging the assignment. After you hand over the assignment, be available to answer questions and provide feedback when necessary, but let the employee handle things on their own. 
  4. Not providing evaluation at the end of the assignment. It is important to meet with the employee and give them feedback on how well they performed. If the assignment is an ongoing one, this initial feedback can set the tone for ongoing success. 

Delegation isn’t hard, but it does take preparation and management. Be willing to invest the time and effort because you will save time in the long run while enhancing the professional skills of your team and showing them that you trust them. 

See my blog post Successful Delegation for more information.

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