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March 13, 2021

Be More Productive with E-mail

Experts estimate that we spend about three hours a day on business e-mails. That’s almost half of your productive work time! Here are some tips to help you be more positively productive with e-mail.

  • Open, read and respond to e-mail at set times during the day, if appropriate for your job duties. You will handle them faster and more efficiently than if you take a knee-jerk reaction and answer them as they arrive.
  • Set rules so that the most important e-mails and those from the most important senders go into a special in-box that you set up. You can set a rule by following the instructions for the e-mail service you use.
  • File away completed e-mails as soon as you finish them. Allowing completed e-mails to stay in your in-box creates electronic clutter and diminishes your productivity.
  • Use “reply all” only if everyone needs to see your response. Otherwise, delete recipients that are unnecessary before sending your reply.
  • Watch your tone. If your e-mails have been criticized for being too abrupt or rude, lengthen your sentences and make sure you are courteous and polite. 
  • Take a minute or two to proofread before hitting “send” and correct any grammar or punctuation mistakes.

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