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March 4, 2021

Does Your Team Have a Customer Service Mindset?

Customers judge your organization based on how they are treated whether in person, by phone, or through e-mail. Every point of contact with a customer offers a chance to enhance your relationship with that customer—and with everyone that customer is associated with on social media! 

More than ever before, customers are sharing their experience—good and bad—using social media, so one unfortunate customer experience can reach thousands of existing and potential customers. Here are some strategies that will help your team create consistently positive customer interactions.

  • Avoid judgment. Consider the customer’s viewpoint, understand where they are coming from, and accept their perception of the situation. 
  • Focus on a solution. Customers want results, so clearly communicate options, explain applicable policies and rules, and describe how you will proceed.
  • Allow time for questions and explanations. This is especially important when dealing with older customers and people who require more time to process information and make decisions.
  • Be responsive. Some interactions cannot be rushed, so take your cue from the customer. If they need more time, slow down; on the other hand, if they want speed, pick up the pace.
  • Watch body language. The customer’s body language will communicate more than what they are saying. Look for positive signs, such as good eye contact, smiling, leaning toward you, and a relaxed posture. Make sure you pay attention to your body language, too!

A mindset that truly values the customer and demonstrates customer care can help your team deliver quality service that customer’s value and will recommend to others. See my blog post Tips for Building Customer Loyalty for more information. 

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