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April 8, 2021

Is Your Team Happy

A happy team is a productive team, and team happiness depends on your ability to create a positive environment where your employees feel valued. This, in turn, leads to productivity. According to study by the economists at the University of Warwick, happy employees showed a 12 percent increase in productivity whereas unhappy employees were 10 percent less productive. So how can you keep your team happy? 

  • Make each team member feel valued.  Take time to get to know your team as individuals and relate to them on a personal level. Make sure they understand how much you value their contributions to the team’s success.
  • Find out what makes each team member happy. While some employees value money and promotions, many others are happier with time off for family and friends. Talk to your team members and personalize recognition.
  • Give team members a voice. Keep two-way communication open and vigorous. Encourage your team to make suggestions on how to improve their jobs and the processes they follow. Don’t just listen; act on their suggestions whenever possible.

Set aside time every day to interact with each team member either in person or virtually. Build a bond between them and you and with each other to create a happy atmosphere and help your team be more positively productive. For more information, see my blog post Does Positivity at Work Really Make a Difference?

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