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Improve your ability to get more organized, focused & productive!

Virtual training NOW available!

Imagine taking a course that would not only get you organized, but also keep you organized. Imagine having control over your responsibilities by managing projects more efficiently, getting more done in less time, and improving the quality of your work. Imagine how great it would feel at the end of the course to be able to immediately implement effective solutions to your organizing challenges and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

The GO System

The GO System stands for Getting Organized!

It is a 4 hour, fun, dynamic in-house course that teaches people how to get more organized, focused and productive. Its simple, easy to follow, step-by-step processes are completely customizable to meet your companies individual challenges and systems.

People who have taken the GO System course develop an understanding about what they are doing that’s not working and learn to replace those old habits with more productive ones. Many courses offer only mechanical techniques and gadgets, such as special planners or software, to help you temporarily get things in order. The GO System is about changing behaviors and habits which are much more important than mechanical processes and gadgets for getting and staying organized.


Along with this inspiring program, each participant will receive:

  • A workbook with interactive activities, exercises and documentation of key points.
  • A foundational stone to help reinforce focus practices
  • A timer to help reinforce time management practices
  • A bullet-point, quick reference reminder
  • A pad of capture cards to help improve follow up and follow through habits
  • A complete set of file folder tabs for immediate system implementation

The Go System results in:

  • Improved focus, organization and productivity
  • Decreased productivity-killing stress and anxiety
  • Improved ability to follow up and follow through on assignments
  • Improved ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions

The ideas in the GO System are presented in a simple format, with specific suggestions on how to put each idea to work; making it easy for busy people to find the time to implement them. Simply stated, The GO System will help you improve your ability to focus, organize and prioritize! It is easier than you ever expected. CONTACT Organize 4 Results to schedule your in-house training or call 205-907-5170.