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Writing and Managing E-mail

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writing-managing-emailEveryone gets too much e-mail—and much of it goes unread! Most e-mail suffers from poor “so-what” subject lines that are easily ignored. Add poor e-mail etiquette, and you have a recipe for bad communication.

According to a recent study by Radicati Group, the average employee receives over 121 e-mails per day. This amount of   e-mail is so overwhelming that it’s oftentimes one of the first things people check in the morning and one of the last things they do before retiring to bed.

As the greatest double-edged sword in productivity technology, e-mail both empowers and overwhelms its users. But the most successful professionals know how to control their e-mail instead of letting it run their workday. In addition, they know how to write e-mails that are read and responded to.

red-letterboxCourse Description:

This is a highly interactive, comprehensive half-day workshop that will help you be more positively productive with e-mails. This workshop helps you write e-mails that are promptly read and responded to as well as provides a system to get control of your   in-box.  This workshop is applicable for all employees, regardless of position or responsibilities.

We cover three major areas that challenge most employees:

  1. Writing e-mails that are read
  2. Controlling the In-box
  3. Controlling the Tone

Participants will:

envelope-btn Be given tools to:

  • Understand what e-mail is and isn’t
  • Write subject lines that get the e-mail opened
  • Organize e-mails for quick response
  • Respect e-mail etiquette
  • Make requests appropriately
  • Control tone
  • Use a process to get completed e-mails out of your in-box easily and quickly
  • Create rules to control incoming e-mails
  • Follow up with pending e-mails

Get the results you need and learn how to turn e-mail into a productive tool through our Writing and Managing E-mail workshop!

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