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 Bridging the Generation Gap


Clashes among generations are common and generally arise from conflicts in attitudes and preferences for work, management and leadership, communication and motivation. Now with 5 generations in the workplace, Bridging the Generation Gap 3 hour workshop helps you understand where each generation “comes from” and how you can use generational differences to develop greater synergy, creativity and productivity in the workplace.


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Leading Multi-generation Teams


Never before have managers needed to juggle such an age-diverse staff.  Just as gender and ethnic diversity can lead to conflict and miscommunication, so can generational diversity.  On the other hand, if managed and led properly, a multi-generational team can develop greater creativity and productivity.  Leading Multi-generation Teams 3 hour workshop will help you understand the differing expectations and styles so you will be able to lead more cohesive, effective teams.

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Virtual training NOW available!