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Bridging the Generation Gap

Bridging the Generation Gap

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people_around_deskIn today’s workplace, you will find, for the first time in American history, that we have five generations working side-by-side.  This is due to advances in medicine, which have allowed us to live longer and in turn allow older generations to postpone retirement.  The significance is in terms of types of workplace behaviors, what motivates employee engagement, and the tools and practices they need to interact.  This mixed, multi-generational environment has created a new diversity challenge for organizations everywhere.

Just as gender and ethnic diversity can lead to conflict and miscommunication, so can generational diversity.  Dealing with diversity in the workplace means understanding and relating effectively with people who are different than you.  The ability for a diverse group of people to build strength and unity through their diversity is the power that propels organizations into new dimensions of performance.

next_generation_signCourse Description:

This workshop helps you understand where each generation “comes from” and how you can use generational differences to develop greater synergy, creativity and productivity in the workplace.  This workshop is applicable for all employees, regardless of position or responsibilities.

Participants will:

  • Understand the factors that influence each generation
  • Appreciate what each generation brings to the workplace
  • Leverage generational strengths to build stronger teams
  • Facilitate more effective communication with and among different generations
  • Motivate each generation to excel by understanding and utilizing their primary motivators
  • Promote greater cooperation and synergy among generations
  • Create an inclusive environment that respects generational differences

To avoid generational conflict, work to raise awareness of generational differences, attitudes and values at your workplace through Bridging the Generation Gap workshop.

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