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Leading Multi-generation Teams

Leading Multi-generation Teams

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generation-y Right now, there are five generations in the workplace. Never before have managers needed to juggle such an age-diverse staff. Advanced technologies have increased life spans, and fragile economies have required people to work longer. Retirement age is now edging toward 70, which means the generation gap in today’s workplace is the greatest and most complex it has ever been.

Just as gender and ethnic diversity can lead to conflict and miscommunication, so can generational diversity. On the other hand, if managed and led properly, a multi-generational team can develop greater creativity and productivity. When you understand how generational differences affect you and your workplace, you can:

  • Communicate more effectively with different generations.
  • Motivate employees to excel by understanding their primary motivators.
  • Promote greater respect and teamwork among generations.

Course Description:

collab-comm-connectThis workshop helps you understand where each generation “comes from”; learn how their differing expectations, styles, and use of technology affect productivity; and gain skills to motivate and communicate with them. You will be able to lead more cohesive, effective teams and deliver quality customer service to your multi-generational customers.

This workshop is applicable for managers and leaders.

Participants will:

  • Understand how to lead more cohesive, effective teams
  • Understand the factors that influence each generation
  • Appreciate what each generation brings to the workplace
  • Leverage generational strengths to build stronger teams
  • Facilitate more effective communication with and among different generations
  • Motivate each generation to excel by understanding and utilizing their primary motivators
  • Promote greater cooperation and synergy among generations
  • Create an inclusive environment that respects generational differences

To avoid generational conflict, work to raise awareness of generational differences, attitudes and values, at your workplace through Leading Multi-generation Teams workshop.

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